About Us


Let us help you Honor those you hold most dear by helping them live with dignity and safety.


Let us earn your Trust by giving consistent, focused, high quality care.


Let us help you achieve a greater level of Independence for your loved one by helping them stay in their home for as long as possible.

Donovan French


Donovan has a passion for caring for seniors so he founded HomeSpark to create a high-end and novel approach to home care for seniors. 


Our care for your loved ones begins at our first point of contact. Whether we meet via the web, phone call or in person, our administration will work diligently to ensure we assess your loved one's requirements. Once we have received some basic knowledge about your loved one, we will schedule an onsite visit to gather more in depth information. This information includes:

  • The extent of care require
  • Safety precautions
  • Living situations and conditions
  • Significant events
  • Activities, functional assessment for activities of daily living
  • Assessments of adaptive equipment
  • Nutrition patterns
  • Sleep patterns and much more!

We will then develop a Personal Care Plan tailored around the client's individual needs. This plan will be our point of reference to prepare a care giver for the antiquate implementation and establish cost for care. Upon entering into a client agreement, you will be able to select your premium caregiver to deliver a delightful service, every time.

Caregiver Hiring Process


  • 3 Step Interview Process
  • Professional & Personal Reference Checks (3)
  • Extensive Federal Background Check
  • DMV Driving Record
  • State of Texas Employee Misconduct Registry Check
  • Pre-Employment Screening
    • rapid drug panel
    • tuberculosis screening


  • Orientation
    • culture of company
    • introduction of services
    • how to effectively use online platforms
  • Online Training Modules About Caregiving
    • 5 hour orientation training
    • biannual continuing education
    • elective training for professional development
  • Hands-On Alzheimer & Dementia Training
  • Hands-On Training With a Physical Therapist
  • Bi-Monthly In-Person Training
  • COVID Training